The first that Maverick pulled from the darkness was Amoureux. She fist taught the creatures how to hunt, fish, grow, and gather. Then she taught them to play, and easily getting bored with the task, she gave each a special talent to set each apart. Seeing that knowledge created chaos and dissension amongst the masses Maverick quickly realized another was needed to balance out Amoureux.

Amoureux is instinct, natural ability, skill and knowledge. She is the one that allows us to learn and differentiates one species from another.

Common Domains

  • Knowledge
  • Nature
  • Tempest
  • War

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • An ancient tome with blank pages (pages gain words as Amoureux speaks to you)
  • An old bow that holds it’s shape but cannot be strung by any means known
  • The section of an old Library that no one ever uses


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