Eastern Kingdom

Population Distribution

70% Human
10% Orcs
10% Elves
4% Halflings
2% Dwarfs
4% Other

Government/General Information

The Eastern Kingdom can best be described as a Religious Oligarchy, with the religion being The Order of Man. Every problem, every catastrophe, every thing that is not perfect is due to the short comings of the lesser or lower races, trying to rise above their natural place below the humans.

All government decisions are made by the appropriate level of The Order of Man. It should be noted that all non-humans involved in disputes are considered to be property and have no rights to request a trial, dispute, or other government service.

Major Cities

  • Dunadane—Capital city of the Eastern kingdom, ruled by the Order of Man. Population is almost exclusively human.
  • Laric—Orc coastal city, with no established land route.
  • Sporic—Orc coastal city, with no established land route.
  • Taris—Orc coastal city, with no established land route.
  • Zathir—Northern city known for it’s horses and livestock.
  • Su’chi—Town established near mysterious tower at the edge of the Chi Woods.
  • Ava—Town formed around hunting lodge established on edge of Rift woods.
  • Deja—Town established where the northern edge of the Rift connects with the Ragnazan mountain range.
  • Trihelm—City that acted as the main mustering point of military actions prior to the formation of the Rift.
  • Point—City established to be the mustering point for any military actions taken against the Western Kingdom after the formation of the Rift.
  • Elfwatch—Elven trade city established in the Royal Forest when the Order of Man allowed the Elves to inhabit the forest in return for their assistance in defending the capital.
  • Reyes—Town established during Great War as a defensive waypoint to slow approaching armies from reaching the capital.
  • Hamlet—Town established during Great War as a defensive waypoint to slow approaching armies from reaching the capital.
  • Shiphold—Town established by the Orcs to maintain their fleet and build new ships.
  • Maric—Main port for trade from all other Orcish ports.

Places of Note

  • Phase Forest—Mysterious forest that seems to phase in and out of existence as one stares into it.
  • Chi Woods/Tower of Chi—It is rumored that both the forest and the tower just appeared one day. Seeing as their is no visible entrance to the tower many adventurers flock their in hopes that they will find admittance.
  • Rift woods—Forest that exist on the northern edge of the Rift. Mainly noted as being an attraction for big game hunters.
  • Royal Forest—Long claimed as property of the royal family, the Royal forest is actually the homeland of the Elves of the Eastern Kingdom.

Important People/Organizations

  • The Order of Man—Social organization that believes all that is wrong in the world is the fault of demi-humans.
  • Queen Alexis XII—(Human) Current ruler of Dunadane, she is the supported by both the Order of Man and Grand Adviser Fate. Vibrant and beautiful her only ambition in life is to see all demi-humans wiped out so that the Rift can be fixed.
  • Victor Valorson—(Human) Where Queen Alexis is the figure head of the Order of Man, Victor Valorson is the one who runs the everyday business of the Order. He is viscous, and uncaring when dealing with demi-humans and willing to do whatever it takes to wipe them out.
  • Grand Adviser Fate—(Tiefling) As Grand Adviser to the Queen it is Fate’s responsibility to advise her in all area’s that she is unfamiliar in. Typically this entails magical knowledge and helping her conceive of devious plans to eradicate demi-humans.
  • Admiral Ortaga Oarsmasher—(Orc) A once great seaman, Admiral Ortaga Oarsmasher is now in charge of the boatworks of Shiphold. It is his responsibility to make sure the Queen is kept happy and the Orcs are allowed to continue their trade routes along the coast.

Eastern Kingdom

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