This is an example of some of the Gods that once watched over Neuvième. (More detail will be added here as players create their chosen God.)

The Nine

It is by the nine that we thrive. In the beginning Ensoleille brought us into the light, The Mother nurtured us to health, and Maverick provided us with what we needed to survive. Amoureux provided us with our talents and our skills, The Judge tought us what was just, and The Void was the master of all things that are best left unknown. But alas we will eventually be tempted by Sombre, seduced by Malfaiteur, and brought to our end by The Beast. —From the Ancient Writings of Ur

Their are 9 gods broken into 3 groups known as, The Providers, The Teachers, and The Destroyers.

The Providers

The Teachers

The Destroyers

These Gods can be worshiped on an individual basis, as groups (The Providers, The Teachers, or The Destroyers), or as a Pantheon (the Nine).


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