Gods exist only because we believe in them. If we stop believing in them then they will cease to exist, but their are things, thoughts, ideas that have grown beyond the gods. They exist regardless of if we believe they are their. Time continues to tick on, entropy continues to be unpredictable, gravity will draw you to the ground and shadows will exist wherever their is light, no matter what your beliefs.

The Immortals are the avatars of the actual ideals that have transcended the powers of the deities that created them. Many people are aware that the Immortals exist, but very few people are aware of who they are and which concepts actually have immortal avatars.

Known Immortals

Most scholars will agree that the following immortals exist though their is no actual proof about who each immortal is (popular speculation has been included for each if it exist). Most of this information has been gained by questioning those that have claimed to receive a boon from the Immortal.

  • Time—(No solid information but all reports seem to point to a second Dwarf-like immortal that always accompanies him/her)
  • Force—(Halfling/gnome/short human, no record of him ever speaking just silently watching events take place)
  • Shadow—(Several records speak of a shadowy figure being present during historical events but upon interviewing witnesses no one can remember any identifying features)
  • Entropy/Chaos—(laughter, lots of laughter)
  • Mercy—(Paladin or Cleric)
  • Tyranny—(Only known info is that his/her world and word is gold)
  • Knowledge—(lots of argument between witnesses either a pointy eared human or a hairy elf)
  • Protection—(gruff straight to the point, seemed to have dwarf like viewpoints)
  • Magic—(all known accounts mention speaking to a light)
  • Music—(no verifiable information, as all questioned seemed to be under effects that decreased their memory functions)


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