Seeing that all the creatures were coddled, Maverick came forth and confronted the Mother, knowing that the life forms needed to be able to fend for themselves if the world was to thrive. Being in agreement Maverick receded back into the darkness in search of those that would teach the new creatures how to fend for themselves.

Maverick is the voice of reason among the Providers, he’s the one that is willing to let us make our own mistakes so that we can learn from them. He is also responsible for bringing the Teachers from the darkness.

Common Domains

  • Nature
  • Tempest
  • Trickery

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • A marked deck of cards/loaded dice
  • A silver miniature net (or other device used for gathering)
  • A spring in a secluded forest
  • An abandoned hunters lodge


Neuvième JosephBMyers