Seeing the happiness of the creations wrought by those pulled from it, the darkness felt it was time to retaliate and as such created the destroyers. First and closest to the darkness was Sombre to bring out the darkness entrenched in all the creations, and for the first time the darkness felt joy.

Sombre is the manifestation of the darkness within us all. Sombre is fear, jealousy, and all the other dark/unhappy emotions we feel.

Common Domains

  • Nature
  • Tempest
  • Trickery
  • Light (altered)

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • A small doll whose face always appears as that of your most hated rival
  • A coin purse that appears empty no matter how much is put into it
  • A mirror where your reflection is replaces by the image of your greatest fear
  • A cemetery or unmarked grave


Neuvième JosephBMyers