The Judge

To sate the madness created by Amoureux, The Judge came forth from the darkness. It was The Judge that tried to teach right and wrong, about righteousness and deplorability, and about all things just. The Judge also saw that their was knowledge and talents that were too deplorable for the world and asked Maverick, if he could provide another entity to help restrict that knowledge from the masses.

The Judge is the mediator of knowledge. He/she decides what is right and wrong and how people should act. It is in The Judge’s name that all laws are created.

Common Domains

  • Knowledge
  • War
  • Light

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • A set of silver scales that always seem balanced
  • A gavel made of granite that is as light as a feather
  • A courtroom/town square or any other locations where laws are upheld

The Judge

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