Holding Place for Campaign world in the making.

This world is still early in the makings but wanted a central place to make sure all the ideas were documented. Feel free to offer suggestions or send me questions. Details on what has been updated can be found in the Wiki Section.

10ish things about the campaign (some of this information is the “common knowledge” of the populace and may or may not be completely true.)

  • The campaign is pronounced New-vee-m.
  • The standard Lawful-Chaotic, Good-Evil alignment system doesn’t exist. Players are encouraged to think about how others will view them in regards to how chaotic or structured (read: thought out or random; not law abiding or rule breaking) their actions are and if those actions are selfish or selfless but this will be more of a public relations item then a hard structured grid of you must/mustn’t do this because you are this alignment.
  • 9 is a magical and blessed number. No one really knows why, or what significance it has, but it is often invoked by everyday citizens with little thought and incorporated into everyday life (many building will have 9 openings, mundane items will be grouped in 9’s, etc.).
  • The populace as a whole no longer believe in the Gods (specifically beings that watch over the world and grant people power to further their goals). As a result of this the Gods have lost a large portion of their power, and Divine caster’s must receive their power’s through a direct link to their God (or the essence of their Dead God). This link will be represented by a trinket, location, or person (creature), that you will use as your focus and your God can use to communicate greater wants/needs to you.
  • Gods maintain their power through worship. Each individual deity will see their power increase and decrease as they gain favor/disfavor among the populace.
  • Their are 9 major gods, none have specific portfolios, they are more representative of concepts of how one chooses to live (alignments) and the specific need that is being prayed for at the time. (example: If you are praying for good weather to hasten your caravan’s travel you may pray to Ensoleille to create pleasant weather, to The Mother to protect you from whatever unpleasant weather might find you, Maverick to help you find a path that avoids the unpleasant weather, Amoureux to give you the knowledge to see the unpleasant weather approaching and be able to counteract it, The Judge to see your voyage as righteous and unworthy of setbacks, or any of the Destroyers as too unimportant to waste time on.)
  • The Gods are above the concept of good/evil. They represent all aspects of their domain, both the good and the bad.
  • Certain overwhelming concepts have immortal avatars that work on their behalves (time, chaos, knowledge, etc.). Typically these immortals/concepts are not worshiped but it is possible for a Warlock to select an Immortal as their pact or for a character to be granted boons by an Immortal (usually at a high cost).
  • The world is divided by a great rift. It is this rift that prevents the two major kingdoms from constantly being at war.
  • Each major race (Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Orcs, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Dwarves, Halflings) has a hub city (a city where at least half the population is made up of the specific race that it is the hub for).
  • Ocean travel is restricted to coastal travel and is controlled by the Orcs.
  • Since Gods are no longer worshiped by the populace most temples and holy sites have been forgotten, destroyed, or re-purposed for other uses. Part of the reason for this is that the part of the deities original essence can still be felt within these locations allowing them to take on a feeling associated with the deities original purpose (example: a temple of a healing deity may make you feel well rested and soothe those with minor ailments, while a shrine to the Slaughterer may radiate a feeling anger and blood-lust).

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