Contact Potions

For an additional 10% cost a potion can be made into a contact potion. Anyone that could normally make the potion can make the contact version of the potion the 10% cost difference partially represents the difference in component’s for the spell and the specialized vials that they are placed in that are made to break when thrown but still have the same structural integrity of normal vials.

Using a contact potion counts as an attack action with a thrown weapon with range 20-60 that has two exceptions when attacking willing conscience targets. First you do not suffer disadvantage against willing conscience targets within 5 feet, and second no attack roll is required against willing conscience targets within 10 feet of you if there are no enemies between you and the target.

Intercepting a contact potion
As an interrupt action you can attempt to intercept a contact potion intended for someone else. To do this requires an dexterity (acrobatics) check, if the result of this roll is equal to or greater then the attack roll of the potion you have intercepted the potion and will alter the target of the potion. If you beat the attack roll by 5 or less you will receive half the normal benefit of the potion, and a target (chosen by the thrower) within 5 feet (one of the 3 squares opposite of the thrower) will also receive half the benefit, if no target is available in those squares or the thrower picks an empty square you still only receive half the benefit.

Regardless of whether you succeed you must move between the thrower and the original target (you must take the most direct path and you cannot move further than your normal movement would allow, and all normal movement rules apply). This movement represents you running and diving to intercept the potion and will leave you prone. On your next turn your movement is reduced by the same amount of movement used to intercept the potion (this means if you use more than half your movement you will either have to spend your next turn prone or use your standard action to stand up).

Contact Potions

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