Early History

From the Exploits of Michelern

This is the story of the Nine and of Neuvième, this is how we became and this is the key to how we will end.

The Creation

It is a story that has been told many times, so I will keep it brief. A story of how it all began. A story of the Gods that came before and of the Gods that will someday come again. A story of darkness and the light that willed itself to be. The light created the land and the sea and the heavens, and thought it was good, but it was lacking something. As the light began to fade it brought forth the mother and the mother populated the world with life to worship the light and the mother so that they could continue to thrive. Knowing that danger would soon come Maverick emerged from the darkness and brought forth those that would teach the new life forms how to thrive and how to survive. Three teachers he brought forth one to represent innate talent and skills, one to teach right and wrong, and one to protect them from the knowledge that was better left alone. Being jealous of all the things wrought by the gods the darkness decided to create its own gods to help corrupt life. The darkness brought forth one to tempt the creatures, one to lead them to incorrigible acts, and one to destroy them all.

It was knowledge and learning that begat change, and change that begat intolerance, and intolerance that begat separation.

The Separation

In the early days all good life forms lived in conjunction, happy in their diversity and content in just being alive. Being naturally connected to the world it was the Dwarves that first felt the calling to separate from the masses and form their own community, and being such they moved to the north and found the mountains, and took solace in the lands beneath the mountains. Next seeing the prosperity the Dwarves had found and realizing that the community had survived fine without them, the Elves heeded the call and traveled to the great forest. In each of the great forests the Elves found the Home Tree and their they found renewed strength and vigor and built their kingdom. Two amongst the Humans came to gain great renown as leaders, Alexander and Alexis, twins with methods that differed as much as night and day. Seeing that they could never agree on how the masses should be lead each took their followers and traveled to found their own city. Alexander headed west to form a government of dukedoms that would rule by council, while Alexis traveled east to form her kingdom, ruled by a Queen, and oversaw by road wardens and ministers (city governors). The Orcs felt the call of the sea and after years of dwindling their numbers on unsuccessful deep sea travel attempts they figured out how to successfully travel the safer shallow waters of the coast and made pacts to supply most of the major cities that had arose. The Gnomes sought only wide open spaces where they could be left alone to experiment and build. Unfortunately for the Halflings the bug to move hit them but they have yet to find the homeland they are searching for. This left only the Dragonborn and seeing that everyone else had left they saw no reason to leave the place the Mother had placed them and so the stayed.

Through separation we gained brotherhood, through brotherhood we gained hate and through hate we gained solidarity of thought.

The War

Time continued to move and though the names changed the bloodlines of the human kingdoms did not change. In the West the line of Alexander presented a land of tolerance, togetherness, and community. When the kingdom was presented with problems the citizens came together and shared, they discussed the problems and found solutions that created the least discomfort. In the East the children of Alexis saw this cooperation as weakness. Why help those that created problems when they could be eliminated and since the root of the problem was gone it would be corrected. This philosophy created the Order of Man, and the thought process that all was great until the demi-humans appeared. It was the creations of the demi-humans that created the wanderlust that made everyone leave the valley of the mother, it was the elves that ruined the majesty of the hunt by controlling the forest, the dwarves desecrated the earth by building their homes in it, gnome can’t leave anything alone and halflings (personally I’m offended by this). This caused war, since we all know about war I won’t bore you with the details, just know it went on for a long time and no one was the better for it.

Yes I was their, no nothing fell from the sky, the ground didn’t fall away, nothing happened. No noise, no light, no grand destruction, just silence and confusion. One second I’m shanking a no good gob in the chest then, their gone, hundreds of soldiers, miles of dirt, gone, I have no idea what happened but I’ll never go out their again—Tavark, Dwarven bartender

The Sundering, The Rift, and the Aftermath

Sundering may be a misnomer but it is what has become acceptable to call what happened the day the Rift appeared. So why do we call it the Sundering if we aren’t sure of what happened. That is simple no one was using the term and it prevented the religious nuts from arguing . No one recalls the exact details of what happened during the Sundering, but all eye-witness accounts (from both sides of the Rift) speak of a silence during the combat, and then thousands of miles of land were just gone. Poof! It took several years for us to fully understand the extent of what happened during the Sundering. The Rift didn’t open up; all the land, the creatures, and everything else touching the ground disappeared, ceased to exist. Many have studied the Sundering and the Rift, and each has a different theory of what happened, but no one truly knows what happened that day.

Early History

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