Western Kingdom

Population Distribution

14.5% Dwarfs
14.5% Elves
14.25% Humans
14.25% Halflings
14.25% Tiefling
14.25% Dragonborn
7 to 1% Gnome (Was 7% as of last census, but since destruction of Alric could be as low as 1% )
7% Other

Government/General Information

Tolerance and community are the central points of note when discussing the government style of the Western Kingdom. All disputes large or small can be brought before the council, all people are accepted for their actions not for what they look like, and all are expected to do their part. All citizens must complete at least a year of service in one of the 5 central organizations of the government (the road wardens, the city watch, the Order of the Magi, the merchant’s council, or the administrative council). In return for this service if at anytime they are unable to provide for themselves they can petition for aid from the government.

The Western Kingdom consists of 8 Dukedoms, and a Holy Council. The greater Council consists of the Dukes/Duchesses from the 8 Dukedoms and a representative from the Holy Council. The Holy Councilor’s vote is only taken into account in situations that result in a tied vote among the other council members.

Major Cities

  • Tal’Ra’Shay—Capital city of the Western Kingdom, also referred to as the shinning city. It is from Tal’Ra’Shay that the council of nine rules over the dukedoms of the Western Kingdom.
  • Ragnazan—Dwarven homeland, hidden deep within the Ragnazan Mountain range.
  • Thanehold—Dwarven trade city open to all willing to pay for a trading or visitor’s license.
  • Lewyn—
  • Al’ern—
  • Hammerhorn—
  • Home—Settlement town that acts as the meeting place and homeland for the Halfling tribes of the Western Kingdom.
  • Alfin—
  • Tyr—
  • Lowtown—Small town made up of mostly Halflings, Goblins, and other height challenged people. (The name was chosen as a tongue in check, retort to the Eastern Kingdom as many of the city founders were escaped slaves from across the Rift)
  • Shieldmeet—Former capital of Western Kingdom and current marshaling ground for military actions against the East.
  • Oceanview—Main port for Orcish trade routes, and a resort city for those with the means to celebrate the triumphs of life.
  • Feris—Foremost (non-Dwarven) center of metal working.
  • Marlo—Orcish trade city, well known for it’s black market and information brokers.

Places of Note

  • Forest of Mist—Little is known of the Forest of Mist other than that it seems to perpetually emit a strange mist and that any that enter into it are either never heard from or are later found wandering from the woods with no recollection of their time spent within.
  • Ruins of Alric—Former Gnomish homeland, destroyed 4 years ago and currently surrounded by 5 miles of waste lands. (The destruction of Alric and the unknown status of it’s occupants at the time of the disaster account for the uncertain Gnome population numbers.)
  • Field of the Dead—It is unknown what created the Field of the Dead, but all agree that it was a great display of power. During the day the Field appears as a normal field, but once night falls the spirits of the dead rise and search the fields for their lost master. It has even been reported by some sources that on certain nights a strange tower can be seen rising out of the wheat to block out ones view of the moon.

Important People/Organizations

  • Council of Tal’Ra’Shay—The Council of Tal’Ra’Shay is a two part council. The first part is the common council that takes care of everyday events and consists of one paladin who represents a larger section of the Western kingdom. Common decisions are made by a majority vote. If an issue is brought before the common council that is believed to be too important to be decided in a common session, then the greater council is called. The greater council consists of the Dukes and Duchesses of the Kingdom.
  • Sir Alexander—(Human) Spiritual leader of the council of Tal’Ra’Shay, and acting governor of the city. Alexander is the heir of his namesake who founded the Western Kingdom and is the advocate for peace amongst all the races.
  • Duke Smake—(Half-Orc) Governor of Marlo, and leader of Orcs in the Western Kingdom. Duke Smake, has lead the Orcs of Western Neuvième since he was 14, using both cunning and strength to overcome all opponents.
  • Thane Hammerbeard—(Dwarf) Ruler of the Dwarven nations he makes his home in Thanehold so that he can stay up to date with what is going on outside his kingdom, rather than living in the traditional royal palaces in Ragnazan.
  • Wrath—(Halfling) Well known information broker, with headquarters in Tal’Ra’Shay and satellite offices in most other major cities. It is rumored that he also contributes to the local thieves guild but only in a capacity that helps stimulate the economy.
  • Duke Ceaser—(???) Little is known about Duke Ceaser other than that his vote on the Greater Council often sways the vote of several of the other undecided dukedoms. He has refused to show up at council meetings since he was insulted by a former representative of the Orc lands and currently sends his vote in via his Halfling seneschal (Franklin).
  • Road Wardens— Collective militia group maintained by the Council of Tal’Ra’Shay, in charge of both maintaining and policing the roadways of the Western Kingdoms.
  • City Watch— Collective militia group maintained by the Council of Tal’Ra’Shay, in charge of policing the cities within the Western Kingdoms. Each city’s Watch is ran by an officer core from the actual city, that is supplemented by member’s from other area’s if needed.
  • Order of Magi—All magic user’s must be registered with the Order of Magi. With registration you are provided with basic knowledge within the area, a place to buy and sale magical items, and a place to openly research magical theory. In return you are required to either pay a tithe of either a percentage of your adventuring wealth, or perform charitable tasks for the Order.
  • Merchant’s Council—Organization set up by the Council of Tal’Ra’Shay to regulate the distribution of food, weapons, and common goods through out the Western Kingdoms. The Merchant’s Council is also in charge of setting and collecting the Taxes that fund the City Watch, the Road Wardens, and the Council of Tal’Ra’Shay.
  • Administrative Council—Group that maintains the day to day workings of the city of Tal’Ra’Shay, including it’s finances, logistics, and forwarding public requests to the proper organization. Positions on the Administrative Council typically go to the infirm, or to those with the financial means to ensure a “safer” assignment for their children.
  • The Rose—A secretive organization of assassins, that only hire themselves out to those willing to pay the highest price. Payment is due upfront and the delivery of a rose to both the customer and at the site of the assassination is the call sign that the job has been completed (the color of the roses is dependent on the specific assassin).

Western Kingdom

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