Being happy for the first time the darkness decided it would try again to create dissension amongst mankind. So the darkness observed the peons and it saw that they were corruptible and as such Malfaiteur was created to tempt them into forgetting what was right and wrong and seeking out the knowledge that had been relegated to the void.

Malfaiteur represents temptation and our baser urges. While Sombre causes us to feel emotionally vulnerable it is Malfaiteur that pushes us to cross the line and believe that we can get away with our evil actions.

Common Domains

  • Trickery
  • War
  • Nature
  • Tempest

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • A obsidian dagger that quietly whispers of loved ones slain
  • A cat of nine tails that will only reveal it’s secrets when used on the innocent
  • Any location where cold blooded murder has taken place


Neuvième JosephBMyers