The Void

Maverick once again entered the darkness in search of what the world needed, and though he searched high and low could not find what was needed to dispose of the knowledge deemed to dangerous by The Judge. Willing to admit his failure Maverick was approached by a portion of the darkness itself, The Void offered to help Maverick if that knowledge could become his/hers instead of being destroyed. Seeing no other alternative and knowing the information was too dangerous for mankind Maverick agreed and The Void was separated from the darkness.

The Void represents the unknown and the unknowable. All knowledge too dangerous for the common people is controlled by The Void and released to select groups to remind the world of their need of The Void.

Common Domains

  • Knowledge
  • Life
  • Tempest
  • War
  • Trickery
  • Nature

Common Focuses/Holy Locations

  • An ornate puzzle box that rattles when shook, but cannot be opened
  • A modern looking tome that is written in an unknown language
  • A door that leads to nowhere, but conversations can be heard on the other side of

The Void

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